Plaintiffs who file individual cases receive higher settlements than if they join class action suits. However, these cases are being settled and many people are getting justice for their medical malpractice. Below is a list of settled cases to give you an idea of the severity of the crimes committed.
hernia mesh lawsuit

Physiomesh lawsuits are expected to grow

As Multidistrict Litigation housed in Georgia readies for bellwether trials to begin within eighteen months. By then, lawsuits could number into the thousands.

Atlanta, GA Plaintiff Sharon Smith would be understandably buoyed by news that the surgical mesh lawsuit file currently housed in multi-district litigation in Georgia is moving forward, with the first bellwether trials expected for September of next year. While nearly 500 lawsuits are currently housed in the MDL, a continuing barrage of cases have lead observers to believe that thousands of lawsuits could wind up in the MDL by the time bellwether cases begin in 18 months’ time.

Physiomesh was introduced with much fanfare eight years ago this month against the backdrop of an aging American population experiencing increasing issues with abdominal hernias and other internal issues requiring surgical repair. Increasing use of laparoscopic surgeries in an effort to simplify the surgical process, speed healing and spare hospital resources had fostered a parade of new products aimed at improving outcomes.

Yet another example of a next-generation product beset with problems.

Ethicon’s Physiomesh, manufactured by the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, featured a polypropylene mesh with the addition of a coating on each side of the mesh designed to absorb into the body and thereby helping the mesh to incorporate internally. Minimizing inflammation was also an oft-touted benefit. But there were problems. An increasing array of surgical mesh complications and resulting revision surgeries prompted Ethicon to recall their Physiomesh product last year, with many a plaintiff lining up to file a hernia mesh lawsuit thereafter.

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